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Awake Daily News Media

Once you begin to see the reality of the matrix, it's hard to 'un-see'.

Taking the red pill isn't easy and as your conversation topics become more 'conspiracy theory' than mainstream distractions, you want to hear more real news and less agenda.


Awake News Daily is about reporting the truth without the agenda and dramatic, fear-mongering headlines. 


We're here to keep you up to speed with all the latest news delivered with honesty and integrity, much of it not covered by the mainstream outlets.

We research everything we print, encourage discussion, and applaud debate so you can form your own opinion, not regurgitate ours.

We're all about connecting, discussing, investigating, exploring, and discovering alongside like-minded and awake individuals.


We're here to debunk the mainstream propaganda and to raise the profiles and support those members of our community who are genuinely passionate about the truth, aren't driven by ego, and who aren't paid to have a third-party opinion.

Our publication is a platform to enable us all to work together in heralding in not only a trustworthy alternative media platform but a brand new reality.

We're so happy you're here.

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If you have a topic you may want us to cover, drop us a line, anytime.

Catherine Franklin