Bill Edgar, the incredible untold story of the 'Lost Boy' of TSS

What connects a thief, a murderer, a rapist, a distinguished school for boys, a television anchor man, a pedophile cop, the Whisky Au Go-Go, a businessman and a Wiggle.

“Me”. No one Special.

To say it’s confronting to read Bill Edgar’s life memoir, "Me". No One Special, would be an understatement.

Given that childhood sexual abuse is rarely spoken of, it allows the choice to opt out and to ignore the issue.

Bill Edgar is not allowing this option. Not to the media, the community and certainly not to his perpetrators at prestigious private The Southport School. Not on his watch.

With his book’s brief introduction reading 'What connects a thief, a murderer, a rapist,

a distinguished school for boys, a television anchor man, a pedophile cop, the Whisky Au Go-Go, a businessman and a Wiggle', it’s fair to say Bill Edgar’s life story falls firmly into the you can’t make this shit up category.

Bill’s story begins similarly to most who suffer childhood sexual abuse, at home and at the hands of the only man who he ever knew as a father figure - his grandfather.

He was only seven years old.

A struggling single parent, Bill’s mother’s precarious financial position necessitated her living with her father.

When approached by a teacher to offer a scholarship for her son based on his soccer prowess at the local private boys’ school, she jumped at the opportunity.

Commencing his scholarship at age 13, initially as a day boy, the sexual abuse began almost immediately.

His home life deteriorating, over the next year Bill found refuge from the abuse at home at his new school, eventually becoming a boarder without the knowledge of the school and certainly the care of his family.

Bill believes he was most definitely targeted, raising questions about his grandfather’s links to a pedophile ring.

He names three of his abusers, all employed by TSS, Ron Morse, Greg Perry and Don McGregor, who all subjected him to both physical and mental abuse, with McGregor calling him a “charity case” and, suffering from dyslexia, “not worth teaching”.

Surrounded by wealthy and privileged classmates, to fit in and protect himself Bill found his feet among his peers by discovering valuable street-smarts, offering his services to 'snitch' or covering for the older students for a myriad of sins, such as 'wagging' or dealing soft drugs.

“I was from the poorest of poor yet attended the same school as the rich and the filthy rich,” he says.

“What divided us was money. What united us was money and my ability to use what skills I had, that they didn’t.”

After a particularly vicious attack from a teacher, at age 15 Bill ran away from The Southport School to live on the flip-side of the glitzy streets of Surfers Paradise where again his street smarts found a home. It is from here he adopted the name as he is now known on social media as the ‘Lost Boy of TSS’.

Staggeringly, to this day Bill’s disappearance was never noticed or reported to the police by either The Southport School or his mother.

Bill Edgar simply didn't exist.

The impact of the sexual abuse Bill suffered as a child initially lead him down a path of self-destruction and ultimately to self-redemption.

'The day I wake up and not think of killing myself is the day I die', Bill said.

'My childhood was stolen. I trust no one. I can’t be hugged or touched by any other person other than my wife and children.

'I was left on the streets, imprisoned and abandoned, called a liar and a dyslexic fool.

'Given what I have proven to capable of, can you imagine what I may have become should I have been cared for, helped and assisted?'.

Despite enduring so many experiences most would not overcome - least of all survive - it turns out Bill is capable of more. Much more.

There’s a happy marriage of 35 years and successful resume, including that of a notable entrepreneur, a private detective, and his latest achievement in writing a screenplay currently being made into a film by a major production house.

It is in this latest incarnation he had a hand in the creation of the most popular podcast in Australia in May 2019 The Lady Vanishes, a true crime story about teacher Marion Barter from The Southport School, who disappeared in 1997, never to be seen again.

'I investigated the disappearance of Marion Barter for many years and found that although I introduced and provided much of the content to the producer, there was much lost in translation, the stories it was projecting, there were ultimately many anomalies', he said.

'I found a disturbing that the toxic relationship between Marion and her children were not portrayed in the podcast.

'The crew did not want this information aired, nor did they want to include any of my findings about Marion’s missing furniture along with her time at TSS.

'They left a lot of questions that I have the answers for but then again the podcast was not about justice or finding Marion.

'It’s about the money, the podcast made a lot of money. I believe the podcast and Marion’s daughter Sally were hoping for a book or movie deal.

'I believe, without a doubt, Marion witnessed the abuse of children at TSS and brought it to the attention of the-then principal Bruce Cook. I believe by her doing so she was ostracised and sent packing.

'I do believe TSS was responsible for her leaving'.

Bill's foray into content creation has unquestionably been based on his life experiences, with his detective work primarily motivated by the need for justice in exposing the men who abused him and The Southport School who should have protected him.

'Over the past 35 years, I have told The Southport School, the Anglican church, the police, The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the Queensland Education Department and the Premier of Queensland Annastacia Palaszczuk,' said Bill.

'I have received promises and have been told to take civil action despite it being a criminal matter. 'The Queensland government say The Southport School is independent from the government, so the rape, molestation and abuse of children at the school cannot be investigated or interfered with by the state government'.

When asked why he believes this systematic abuse is ignored by not only those who could deliver justice but also by the media he tells me, 'great wealth and great power'.

'The media is controlled by some who attended The Southport School. There are also many journalists and TV personalities associated with the school,' he said.

'They know it’s a pandemic. They’re scared of repercussions and how they may be seen.

One out of every three people I speak with have been abused and most put it behind them. They do not want to relive it, nor speak about it'.

'I don’t believe a person is born a paedophile. I believe this comes with power and once they start, they can’t stop. It’s a hunger that must be fed. 'I do believe those in positions of power are introduced to paedophilia by those above them and so it becomes a never-ending issue. One has dirt on the other'.

It's not only retribution that drives Bill. He wants accountability, compensation and an apology.

'I want an apology, I want restitution. I want a Lost Boys of TSS fund established and paid for by the school,' he said.

'But for it to be separate from the school and church, where students past and present can go and tell their stories without fear or reprisal, a place they can receive counselling and real help not the bullshit cloak and dagger/sweep it under the carpet - but genuine assistance'.

As for those who want to support him and the children who suffer abuse at the hands of pedophiles, he implores them to take action.

'Shout. Scream. Demand that TSS accepts liability and responsibility'.

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