Government to spend millions on pharmacy pills that claim to relieve symptoms of the COVID-19 jab

Greg Hunt claims he is in discussions with pharmaceutical company Merck & Co to purchase pills to relieve symptoms from the COVID-19 vaccine.

Supplementary pills that allege to reduce adverse symptoms of the COVID-19 vaccine will be purchased by the federal government within days.

Authorities are in discussions with several pharmaceutical companies regarding the purchase of the antiviral and monoclonal antibody drugs currently rushed into development.

Pharmaceutical companies claim the medications will reduce the spread and symptoms of the virus.

Greg Hunt displays a copy of The Great Reset on the bookshelf of his official office

Health Minister Greg Hunt confirmed the government will be purchasing the trial drugs.

According to the pharmaceutical industry the drug was developed for people concerned they had been in close contact with a person infected COVID-19.

The drugs will be marketed towards those who may not be able to take the COVID-19 vaccination.

Billions of dollars have already been spent in the USA to develop the drugs through pharmaceutical company Merck & Co, the company tagline reading 'follow the science'.

Merck & Co. also known in Australia as MDS is based in Queanbeyan, Canberra and manufactures a variety of well-known pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines and animal-health products. It made the first smallpox vaccine for commercial use in the U.S and is also the maker of the painkiller Vioxx and the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

Health officials claim the pharmaceutical drugs help stop transmission of the virus and relieve symptoms experienced after taking the COVID-19 'vaccine'

The company stated, 'MSD Australia has had productive discussions with the Australian Department of Health about our Covid-19 ­investigative oral antiviral candidate, which is currently being studied for the treatment of non-hospitalised patients with Covid-19,' it said. 'A global phase 3 clinical trial is currently under way and results … will be shared with Australian health authorities as soon as the data is ready.'

Interestingly, the MSD website landing page currently states 'For your attention, Please note the due to the Covid 19 situation MDS has currently closed its operation in Australia and will not be able to received or process any samples until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience this might cause. Yours sincerely Dr York'.

The MSD website declares it has closed its operations in Australia despite Health Minister Greg Hunt confirmed the government is in discussions to purchase their pills developed to relieve symptoms of the COVID-19 vaccination

Other companies currently developing antiviral COVID-19 pills include Pfizer and Roche.

A spokesman for Health Minister Greg Hunt said, 'The Australian government has invested in millions of doses of Covid-19 vaccines and secured access to novel Covid-19 treatments such as remdesivir,' they said.

'Australia is working clo­sely with the researchers and manufacturers of other promising new treatments for Covid-19 that are in development'.