Inciting division, NSW health minister lashes out at anti-drug trial participants as 'cases' soar

In line with new legislation combined with inconsistent yet legistlated RAT testing, cases of positive COVID-19 are unsurprisingly rising to new heights in Australia, prompting NSW health minister Brad Hazzard to once again lash out and blame those who have refused to willingly participate in the provisional, emergency-use-only drug trial.

Mr. Hazzard hit out at those who have utilised their basic human rights and legal option to deny taking part in the world's biggest drug trial saying they needed, “to give a damn about someone other than themselves".

“Give a damn about your community, your family, and most particularly, the health staff across NSW who you expect to be looking after you if and when you end up in our hospital system,” Mr Hazzard today told the mainstream media press, whilst ignoring the obvious issues have been created by a combination of bad governance, ongoing incorrect advice, an ineffective vaccine, and a current inconclusive testing system.

Since the roll-out of the provisionally approved, emergency-use-only drug trial, NSW has seen deaths and cases at an all-time high with experts now warning residents to brace for even higher numbers alleging fatalities in NSW recording 29,504 new COVID-19 cases and 17 deaths in the latest reporting period.

According to Mr. Hazzard, the state’s healthcare workers battle exhaustion in the face of rising hospitalisations yet dismissed the perfect storm, healthcare and hospital influx was created directly due to lack of testing, ineffective and deficient RAT tests and procedures along with new rules (particularly for business) around the latest confirmed weaker Omicron variant.

Kerry Chant, chief health officer, further warned the death count would rise higher in the coming days as the cases were counted and released to the public.

Against her previous advice and despite recognition the ongoing trial vaccinations are in process, Ms. Chant regardless relayed updated information and advice recommending further boosters.

“The key message is those boosters will improve the protection,” said Ms. Chant.

“Only one of the 17 people that died had been boosted.”

Ms. Chant, the recipient of NSW's 2021 Women of the Year Award despite her haphazard health advice, further claimed data obtained from a "private pathology provider" showed more than 95 percent of NSW cases sequenced over the past two days are the Omicron variant.

Chief Health Office and '2021 NSW Woman of the Year', Kerry Chant, today recommended more boosters to help stem the ever-growing Omicron and COVID-19 toll, with illness and death now seen outside that of the elderly since Australia's vaccination rollout began

After once again initially dispensing incorrect information in reference to the Omicron mid-December, 2021 describing the variants as potentially more transmissible yet milder than Delta; the 'experts' have since back-flipped at the same time as children's vaccinations and the inconclusive RAT tests are rolled out, now advising that even if Omicron is milder than Delta, its high infection rate means three times more cases, hence more hospitalisations and deaths.

Dr. Lucy Morgan, a Sydney-based lung specialist and recipient of a Lung Foundation Australia research Grant in 1999, along with an associate investigator in three current grants including big pharma development grant NH&MRC, European FP7 (Defence Industry and Space) and COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) and is currently a primary investigator in two large multi-center clinical trials, impartially told media healthcare workers were "run off their feet" due to the rising suffers from the "Omicron wave" in NSW hospitals.

“We are exhausted", Dr. Mogan said. “It’s really hard on us and it’s really hard on the people of NSW because this is leading to some delayed diagnosis, some longer waiting ,times for everything and a huge burden on our community as we try to keep everything ticking over.

"And in responding to the unprecedented demands, the thousands of patients presenting to our hospitals every day, our capacity to manage everything else has also really changed.

“In the short term, that’s OK. But in the long term, and it’s two years now, this is bad".

Dr. Morgan also did not mention the new RAT testings efficacy or the latest health regulations' role within patient influx or recovery rates.

She did however make mention of the 97,500 + adverse reactions and 734 deaths directly related to the vaccinated stating, "there are a small group of patients who, despite having all their jabs, that do not have an immune response that’s complete and able to render them able to fight the virus,” she said.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission however did mention the RAT testing on the back of an initial investigation into price gauging announced on January 4, 2022.

The latest mention acknowledging the sky-high prices of the legislated RAT tests allows the government to edge closer in the public accepting provisions to leave your home or work, whilst in parallel cashing in on the technology Greg Hunt and the Federal Government earlier invested in pre-COVID-19 with Australian-owned Ellume, by making the tests owned and distributed by the government to protect the public from price gouging by private companies and distributors. technology

This of course additionally further benefits the Australian government thanks to Ellume's well-lauded tracking and tracing COVID-19 ID tecnhnology program, leading to the green pass required to work or travel and eventually a social credit score system.,

The apparent 'watchdog' stated it has “significant concerns” about the retail price of the at-home kits, with a single test now costing up to $70.00 per test.

“At the extreme end, we have received reports or seen media coverage of tests costing up to $500 for two tests through online marketplaces, and over $70 per test through convenience stores, service stations and independent supermarkets, which is clearly outrageous,” ACCC chairman Rod Sims said.

“There are several businesses that have repeatedly come to our notice thanks to the information provided by the public.

"We are asking those businesses to urgently explain the prices they are charging.”

Health Minister Greg Hunt with Jim Darrouzet, Director of the then failing Ellume, with his self-testing flu kit in September 2017, prior to COVID-19