Meet Fanos Panayides, poster boy of the awakened community

It’s not hard to see why sudden notoriety from mainstream media and the awakened community has landed in Fanos Panayides’ lap.

Given he is not buying the COVID19 rhetoric and he’s not afraid to say it, combined with his passion for speaking truth with possessing the 'gift of the gab', he was almost destined to be recognised. And how.

With most shackled into silence, living in fear of being labelled a 'conspiracy theorist', Panayides wears his beliefs and knowledge like a badge of honour, if only to complement the tin foil hat he also proudly dons like a king.

It’s evident Panayides is driven by the courage of his own convictions.

And despite being answerable first and foremost to no one but himself, Panayides now finds himself a spokesman for a devoted army of over 60,000+ followers, a number that would make any one of the 'trustworthy' mainstream media journalists who have written unsolicited hit pieces about him green with envy.

It’s clear he’s found his calling and his tribe.

Make no mistake, finding instant fame isn’t a walk in the park, especially while 1.5 metre social distancing.

For Panayides, it’s a roller-coaster ride of uncertainty, not knowing from one day to the next where the path he chose is taking him.

He swings from trepidation about giving up his secure job and finances to wondering if the police are going to show up at his door (again), to concern about rubbing the wrong people up the wrong way.

Panayides is also keenly aware that, however genuine, any mistake or false move he makes is up for scrutiny from many who would be more than happy to see him fall from his lofty position of influence. More concerning for Panayides, however, is letting down his community.

He has always felt anchored in the community, which isn’t surprising in light of his upbringing in a tight-knit Greek neighborhood in Preston, Melbourne.

Surrounded by four elder siblings of two brothers and two sisters, at 37, Panayides is the baby. Along with a large extended family of cousins, his childhood featured countless family gatherings, church events, fetes, wine festivals, and dances in local halls.

It’s his clan who he mainly credits for instilling his values, yet discloses his internal moral compass, sense of righteous and core values of honesty and integrity are innate.

Egged along by his family, he admits to always having questioned the world around him and what he was being told and, finally waking up to, 'the fact we are being lied to'.

To that end, he is committed to, 'exposing the truth'; educating people that they are controlled by the banking system and freeing them from the laws they have put in place that 'only benefit a small percentage of elite people and corporations'.

He is desperate in the short-term to helping lift the veil and to wake up the masses to instil change by way of engaging them, empowering people from all walks of life, particularly those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable in our society.

In the long-term, Panayides is deeply committed to ensuring justice is served cold to the 'bad guys in control'.

He wants to see them exposed and he wants to see justice not just for the politicians but also for members of the media.

'People don’t realise how powerful the media is', he said.

'They aren’t regulated and they should be, hard.

'They will be held accountable for the misinformation they spread and the subsequent damage they inflict on people’s lives, the decisions they make.

'Journalists aren’t journalists anymore. They no longer have integrity, from the newsreaders to the producers.

'We can’t trust them anymore'.

For now, Panayides feels a sense of urgency. He likens his position to that of being on the Titanic as it’s going down; he can see the iceberg and is all-hands-on-deck as he’s trying to overthrow the captain whilst educating the passenger and directing them to the nearest lifeboats.

He finds it frustrating to watch some sitting on deck chairs denying the fact the ship is even sinking.

He feels the pressure to move faster as worldwide events are heating up, the agenda expedited.

He also can’t help to feel it’s a thankless job in trying to help wake others up. Like many, he’s frustrated by the ‘sheep mentality’, in trying to break the mind-control and being ridiculed and persecuted in doing so.

His current journey is not only about helping others but a personal sabbatical of sorts, with no map and no known destination.

He tells me he feels he had remained single through his awakening process as he believes he wasn’t meant to have a partner, or children at this stage so he could fully commit himself to his mission.

'At the end of the day, we’re at the end of the times. We have to abolish this regime, slavery, micro-chipping. People need to feel secure, to not live in fear', he said.

'I reckon I am good at getting people to listen, I think I’ve got an ability to deliver information. I like public speaking and through my career, I learned vocal variation, slow-burn then passion in delivery so I can engage'.

He is inspired by others in the truth movement, naming Matt Lawson’s work in exposing, 5G; Karen Brewer in her investigations of the Freemasons politicians and pedophilia connections and Donald Trump, who he says does exactly what he is going to do making him, 'maybe the first world leader, if not the the first politician to actually fulfil his election promises.

Panayides says we need honest governments now, more than ever.

'We need leaders that we can trust, that genuinely care about the people, especially the vulnerable, and a structure with integrity that has the interest of the people at heart in preference to themselves or a corporation,' he said.

'People need their sovereignty back'.

Call him what you will, Panayides is a man following his own calling down the path of the road less traveled, marching to the beat of his own drum.

I have no doubt he will arrive at the desired destination with his head held high.