More Sydney 'cases' reported, yet no breakdown or confirmation of symptoms or vaccinations

Health Minister Brad Hazzard (pictured rear) has alleged 201 new cases of COVID-19 with 138 under the age of 40.

Another death was recorded after a south-west Sydney man in his 60s died at home with Mr Hazzard urging Sydneysiders to stay at home. Mr Hazzard described the latest fatality as a 'terrible situation' and claimed family members are not coming forward when families we 'not coming forward when one of their number is ill'.

Mr Hazzard claimed 198 people with COVID-19 were currently in hospital in NSW, with 53 in intensive care, 27 on ventilators.

Health Minister, Brad Hazzard, (pictured) said he was extremely concerned by the number of younger people becoming ill

Of those in ICU, six are in their 20s and four are aged in their 30s.

Mr Hazzard said the young age of those in hospital was extremely concerning.

'That tells us that it’s an extremely serious disease, and people are ending up in our hospitals in substantial numbers', he said.

Authorities said there was 81 cases recorded from South Western Sydney, 72 cases are from Western Sydney, 38 from Sydney's CBD, four from Northern Sydney and 11 from South Eastern Sydney.

According to Mr Hazzard, 11 people were not isolated during an infection period with 58 of the cases reported to have been in isolation.

Initially an elderly persons disease, the rates of younger people becoming sick and hospitalised allegedly from COVID-19 are rapidly rising since vaccinations were introduced

There were 105,963 tests on record Friday.

Mr Hazzard said a man who was stopped at Central Station in Sydney's CBD had tested positive.

'Unfortunately he did test positive, but we believe he did not actually go to the demonstration'. he said.

The construction halt has been lifted in all areas with the exception of the eight 'hot-spots' including Blacktown, Campbelltown, Canterbury-Bankstown, Cumberland, Fairfield, Georges River, Liverpool and Parramatta.

Locked down residents can only visit shops in their local area or within 10kms of their residence.

Bondi Beach restaurant Fonda was one of a number of restaurants banned from trading for a week for selling cocktails to passers-by

A 'singles bubble' was introduced by Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Wednesday.

The bizarre instructions for being a single was defined as a person who lives alone, is a single parent with a child or children under 18 years of age or if you care for a person with an illness or disability who is over 18 years old.

Singles living in the eight hotspot LGAs can only nominate someone who lives within a five-kilometre radius.

Single bubble rules include you can only choose one person to see within your 'social bubble', you cannot change the person once you start your social bubble and the person you choose for your social bubble cannot be in a social bubble with someone else.

For those who live outside of Sydney you must choose a person for your social bubble who lives in Greater Sydney.

Bondi Beach restaurant Italo House was one of a number of restaurants banned from trading for a week for selling cocktails to passers-by

If you live in regional NSW you must choose a person for your social bubble who lives in regional NSW.

The person in your social bubble can visit you at your home, and you can visit them at theirs.

You can only visit them at their home where no other adults are there – the same applies when they visit your home.

It is okay to visit them and for them to visit you but only if there are children in the home.

If you have special needs, your carer or support worker can be with you when you visit the person in your social bubble.

A 'singles bubble' rule was introduced by Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Wednesday dictating you can only choose one person to see within your 'social bubble'

Mask wearing remains in place in your social bubble even if you are indoors unless you have an exemption.

You can travel outside the 10-kilometre radius from your home to visit the person in your social bubble, but you cannot travel to regional NSW if you live in Greater Sydney (nor can you travel to Greater Sydney if you live in regional NSW).

The only people who are allowed movement without enforcement action are essential workers anyone who has a medical appointment.

Liquor & Gaming NSW made a statement on Saturday it had banned some Bondi businesses for a week for selling cocktails to passerby's, encouraging people to breach the public health orders.

A direction under section 75 of the Liquor Act was issued to Bondi Rumba, Bondi Tony’s Burger Joint, TAQIZA, Italo House, Speakeasy, Neighbourhood, Bondi Liquor Co, Fonda Mexican and North Bondi Fish.

Failure to comply with these orders will carry a penalty of up to $11,000.