Police Commissioner calls protestors 'grubs', boasting of 10,000 tip-offs from Saturday CBD protest

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller (pictured) has called protesters 'grubs' who have 'no brains'

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller confirmed police have received over 10,000 tip-offs from snitches after Sydney's CBD rally on Saturday.

Anti-lockdown protesters who rallied against illegal locks-downs and vaccinations have been ratted out by their associates, friends and families.

According to the Commissioner, 63 people have been arrested with 107 tickets issued to protesters overnight.

Commissioner Fuller described his constituents who attended as 'grubs', having 'no brains' and said the rally had 'achieved nothing'.

He warned the police would take a zero tolerance approach to a further protest rally organised for Saturday.

'The strike force we have set up is probably the biggest since the Cronulla riots in terms of making sure we hold these grubs to account,' he said.

'We will be heavily policing that event. We will take the ground very early,' he said. 'You will be arrested and protested. The community has spoken about that behaviour.

'The community has spoken about that behaviour.

'The Premier has spoken about that behaviour and it won’t be tolerated again'.

Fuller (pictured) admitted the police were not able to legally stop another planned protest rally in Sydney this Saturday however warned the attendees they would take a zero tolerance approach

Fuller admitted the police could not legally stop the planned rally as there are no identifiable organisers.

'There are no organisers that we can take to the Supreme Court to stop the protests happening which means they’re a bunch of anarchists which means in terms of the police response, it will be significant, on Saturday if it is planned to go ahead.' he said.

Fuelling the divide and conquer, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said she is 'heartbroken' by the protests, calling the people who attended 'selfish', saying they 'compromised others safety' and that they 'should be ashamed'.

'Millions and millions of people across our state are doing the right thing, and it just broke my heart that people had such a disregard for their fellow citizens,' she said.

Meanwhile NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant is concerned about low vaccination rates in the over 60s and 70s demographic, saying she finds it 'distressing'.

'Anyone who is over 60 or over 70 should be going to their doctor as a matter of urgency... in coming days, and get a dose of vaccine and please keep yourself safe'.

According to the lame stream media, todays cases reported positive from the faulty PCR were 51 infectious with 141 people said to be battling the virus in hospital with 43 in the ICU and 18 on ventilators.

A Channel 9 video doing the rounds on social media shows a NSW spokesperson stating the disease was 'very serious', not just affecting the elderly with people of all ages now hospitalised.

The representative said, 'Of the 141 hospitalised with COVID, 60 are under the age of 55, 28 under the age of 35.

'Of the 43 people in intensive care, 1 is in their teens, 7 are in their 20's, 3 in their 30's, 14 are in their 50's, 12 are in their 60's, and 6 are in their 70's.

He went on to drop a bombshell admitting that of all these hospitalised cases, all were fully vaccinated with two jabs, with only not fully vaccinated one having had one dose.