UK health group calls for immediate cessation of vaccinations claiming they are unsafe for human use

Health professionals and researches in Britain are calling on the government to immediately halt their use of Corona virus vaccines after discovering potentially toxic side effects.

The new report from doctors in the UK has called for the immediate cessation of COVID-19 vaccine usage.

As increasing evidence mounts worldwide showing death and side effects, the group has raised grave doubts about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine.

According to independent medical research company, Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Group, its findings have been submitted to Britain's Department of Health claiming there is 'more than enough evidence to declare that the COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe for use in humans'.

UK medical research company Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Group, has called for immediate cessation of all vaccination for COVID-19 based on evidence from official USA government agency, VAERS

After examining official public health records, British doctor have requested the immediate cessation of all vaccines citing reported side effects include bleeding and clotting, unexpected immune system reactions, unusual pain reactions, neurological responses, loss of sight, hearing, speech or smell, or adverse reactions affecting pregnancy including miscarriage.

Researchers stated ingredients in the vaccine are toxic to humans and called for an immediate halt to the vaccination rollout in order to conduct a full investigation into the harmful effects being experienced by the vaccinated British public.

According to the official USA government agency that tracks adverse reactions to vaccines - Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System - known as VARS; nearly 6,000 people have died as a result of taking a COVID-19 vaccine, with 20,000 more hospitalised, 2000 diagnosed with Bells Palsy and 44,000 checked into emergency hospital care.

The CDC has called an emergency meeting to discuss the link between the vaccine and heart inflammation appears 'much worse than previously thought'

A reported 5,900 people have suffered life-threatening reactions confirmed directly as a result of taking the vaccines with 2,200 having heart attacks as a result of the injection.

The government data further showed 650 women have suffered miscarriages from the vaccine, with 4500 have been disabled, some permanently.

To date, these numbers are greater than all the other side effects of all the other vaccines in the world, combined.

The experimental vaccines that were mandated in Israel for young people to allow them to attend in person exams in school have experienced a massive spike in cases of severe heart inflammation - known and Myocarditisiaconditis - with reported cases of the heart condition 25 times higher than normal.

If the rates in Israel is any indiction, the rates in the US alone can expect 150,000 young Americans to come down with similar life-threatening symptoms.

The CDC has called an emergency meeting to discuss the issue stated it is investigating after the link between the vaccine and heart inflammation appears 'much worse than previously thought'.

The experimental drug is currently being administered worldwide without proper testing or safety protocols, an unprecedented situation for any other disease.

The experimental vaccines mandated in Israel for young people have seen a massive spike in severe heart inflammation and Myocarditisiaconditis

Many censored health officials are asking why we need an experimental, mandatory vaccine for a disease that you have a 99.7% chance of surviving if COVID-19 is diagnosed.

Authorities in German have announced young people should avoid the vaccine altogether, classifying it as 'dangerous'.